Dr. Green Oil (500ml)


Effective natural Siddha oil for pain. Dr.Green Oil treats various kinds of pain including joint pain, rheumatic pain, neurological complaints, disc complaints, sports injuries, headache, burns etc. Based on a seven generations old trusted formula. It is tested, proven, safe and effective.


Dr. Green Oil - A powerful Siddha medicated oil that offers treatment for rheumatic, traumatic and orthopedia complaints and offers relief from various types of pain. Dr.Green Oil is a unique combination of 25 ingredients consisting of medicinal plants and raw drugs having unique healing and pain relieving properties. This wonderful medicated oil is prepared under the guidance of efficient Siddha doctors in our specialized GMP certified manufacturing unit. Dr.Green oil is smooth on skin with a pleasant and powerful healing medicinal aroma that fully highlights it's efficacy on first use itself.

Seven Generations Old, but the Results are Here to See

Based on a 7-generation old formula, Dr. Green Oil is effective to treat injuries in ligaments, cartilages, bones and muscles. Dr.Green oil is also highly effective to treat all kinds of rheumatological conditions such as arthritis, back and neck pain, disc complaints, joint pain etc. This unique formulation is in fact found to offer wonderful results for any type of pain including headaches (even severe and long duration types) and even burns.

The full range of benefits of Dr.Green Oil cannot be mentioned in a few words. In addition to pain, Dr.Green Oil is also effective for treating numbness, tingling, pricking, inflammation and associated symptoms.

Dr.Green Oil is also a great massage oil for traditional treatments such as Kizhi, Pizhichal, Dhara and others. Its results are tremendous, thanks to the unique combination of powerful herbs. Among the various pain conditions, Dr. Green Oil treats:

· Joint pain

· Sprain, strain and injuries

· Muscle pain

· Headache

· Back pain

· Pain from trauma

· Rheumatic pain

· Disc complaints

· Cervical complaints

Available Measure: Dr.Green Oil is available in 500ml bottle.

Usage Instructions: Gently apply the oil on affected areas. Do not rub. Reapply once the oil is dried up/absorbed. For optimal results it is advisable to apply the oil for at-least 3 to 4 hours everyday.

We truly believe that Dr.Green Oil has the power to undoubtedly beat every competing product with it's tremendous results.



- Natural, safe and effective siddha remedy.

- Based on a tested and proven 7 generation old formula.

- Backed by numerous real life healing testimonies.

- Completely an external application, that's soft, gently and having a soothing effect.

- Powerful medicinal properties, that starts showing immediate results.

- Prepared using fresh natural plants and raw drugs.

- This is the same formula that's been used for hundreds of years by 7 generations of eminent siddha practitioners in our family. This is the very first time that this formulation is being made available to the public, outside of our medicinal practice.

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