Dandoff (500ml)


Treats dandruff, itching, hair fall and related symptoms naturally. Dandoff is an effective and safe Siddha formula that delivers results within days.


Dandruff is a major concern for both young and old. In addition to the persistent itching, irritation, scaling and hairfall, dandruff also results in acne, pimples, skin diseases and related self esteem problems. Dandruff even results in breathing problems in some patients, due to inhalation of dandruff scales during sleep.

Many doctors and well wishers suggest many remedies but most of the patients that try Dandoff would have already tried many different treatments without much success. If you’re fed up by the barrage of dandruff treatments and confused about which one to choose, look no further than Dandoff.

Dandoff is a safe, effective, natural, tried and tested medicated Siddha formula that offers excellent action against dandruff and shows fast results within just a couple of days.

Use Dandoff To Treat:

· Dandruff

· Itching

· Hair fall, and

· Related symptoms

Available Measure: Dandoff is available in 500ml bottles.

Directions Of Use: Dandoff is an all natural external oil and contains no harmful chemicals. So Dandoff can be used just like any other hair oil. For mild dandruff, gently apply the oil over scalp and leave it for 30mins to 1hours before bath. If the condition is chronic, apply the oil whenever convenient and leave for longer durations. (For External Use Only)


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