Hairuby (500ml)


Treats hair loss, grey hair, alopecia, etc. The oil is prepared based on a seven generations old formula and helps you get long, thick, black and shiny hair.

The pressures of the modern work- and money-driven world, and the pollution around, make it quite difficult to stay young. Heat, dust and worries take their toll on your body resulting in falling hair, graying and lack of luster in your once shiny hair. But though Siddha is an ancient branch of medicine, it’s got the remedy for much of the health issues of modern life. Hairuby is proof of that.

Hairuby is the quintessential Siddha hair oil - a seven generations old formula that can be quite effective in not only stopping hair loss but also promoting hair growth.

Regular use of Hairuby is an effective treatment for hair loss, grey hair, Alopecia, and other related conditions. It can go where other competing products cannot in providing the results you wish and even more than you think is possible.

Hairuby is available in 500ml bottles.


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