Psorease (500ml)


Treats psoriasis and related symptoms such as scaling, itching, dry skin, etc. This natural and effective oil works where other medications fail.

"Finally Break Free From Psoriasis & Get A Spotless, Glowing Skin

Using Our 100% Natural Herbal External Oil Formulation"

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition occurring as a result of the human immune system; mistaking cells for pathogens. As a result, there is an overproduction of skin cells. It causes ugly patches on the skin which, other than causing itching, scaling and dryness, can bring about a major self-esteem issue. Most of the treatments available for psoriasis only helps control psoriasis. Even worse, majority of those treatments cause the condition to get worse, once the treatment is paused. This is where we come to your rescue.

If you are among those suffering from psoriasis, we have a proven all natural treatment for you, it's our unique formulation named " Psorease" prepared using herbal ingredients that are proven to be effective for psoriasis.

Psorease is our patented external oil for psoriasis, prepared in our GMP certified manufacturing unit located in Trivandrum, Kerala. Prepared with highest safety standards, we only use the best picked fresh plants for preparation. Psorease is a very effective Siddha oil for treating psoriasis and related symptoms such as scaling, itching, dry skin, etc.

Ingredients: The key ingredient in Psorease, is wrightia tinctoria (Pala indigo) which is proven to assist in the formation of a brand new keratin layer, which is the key structural material that makes up the outer layer of human skin.

Available Measure: This external oil, prepared using natural ingredients is also available in 500ml bottles.

Usage Instructions: Gently apply the oil on affected areas. Do not rub. Reapply once the oil is dried up/absorbed. For optimal results it is advisable to apply the oil for at-least 3 to 4 hours everyday.


The major feature of Psorease is it'ssafety and efficacy.

While most of the treatment focus on controlling the diseases, we aim to root it out using our unique all natural formulation that's being used effectively for rooting out the disorder for over 3 decades. Psorease has stories to tell about effectively treating hundreds of psoriasis patients..

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