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Welcome To Dr.Stanley Jones Siddha Pharmacy

Welcome To Dr.Stanley Jones Siddha Pharmacy
15 Apr 2014 posted by Spencer 0

First of all let me start by thanking God. Dr.Stanley Jones Siddha Pharmacy was born in 2011 as a result of a dream to unveil our exclusive Siddha Medicine formulations, used in clinical practice by our family of 7 generation of Siddha practitioners, to the world. These natural Siddha formulations have a powerful history of healing thousands of suffering patients from their diseases. We as Siddha practitioners have the responsibility to serve our society with what we have got. We are fully confident about our medicines and truly believe that our products will be a blessing to tens of thousands of people in India and also abroad if God wills. Starting a pharmacy wasn't an easy thing for us, lots of hard work and commitment were involved in this venture, but God gave us the health, wealth and resources to make it a reality. We only launched a limited number of 6 products, that's because lots of thought was involved in selecting which products to launch. So we went with the very best that made a huge difference in man suffering lives throughout our medical practice. And even surprising is the fact the 5 out of our 6 products are external oils. Even today external treatments are underestimated by many Siddha practitioners. Using our products we also have a big goal to point practitioners back to the effectiveness contained in external treatments. Our's is a medical system with 32 types of internal medicines and 32 types of external medicines. So Siddha medicine puts enough emphasis on external treatments as much as it does for internal. But most of our modern day siddha practitioners ignore this fact and put all their focus on internal medicine. But our products stands as a proof to show that most ailing disorders can be treated only with the usage of external medications. Now I would like to say a few words about our 6 products... Dr.Green Oil - First one is Dr.Green Oil, in our words we will call it a GEM among Siddha medicines. This one external oil has been widely used in our practice for relieving various types of diseases associated with pain like severe rheumatic complaints, back, neck and disc related issues, headache, neurological complaints, muscle, bone, tendon, ligament and nerve injuries and many more problems that caused patients to suffer a lot. Skin Cure - Second we selected Skin Cure oil, this was what we used traditionally in our family for almost all kinds of skin diseases. But don't take it lightly, this one oil has been a blessing for many patients in skin conditions where no other medications worked. Just for example, conditions like chronic ulcerous wounds, fungal infections, pigmented patches etc can give a lot of headache to doctors, this is where the power and effectiveness of Skin Cure stands out. Dandoff - Third among our products is Dandoff for dandruff, while shampoos, hair oils and creams failed miserably to stop the problem of Dandruff, Dandoff has had a lot of satisfied users. Dandoff treats dandruff and stops associated symptoms like itching, irritation and hairfall. Psorease - Fourth we have Psorease, an oil renowned in our medical practice to treat psoriasis for many many years. While most other medical systems gave up on this Psoriasis. Our product, Psorease combated the problem with full strength. This external oil itself has resulted in giving hundreds of patients, full recovery from psoriasis. Not to mention the amount of emotional problems, due to this disease, that people are set free from as a result of usage of psorease. Hairuby - Our fifth product is Hairuby. Hairloss solutions are a high competition advertising market. But how many of these advertised products really offer a genuine hair fall solution? We know ours does. The joy it brings when seeing smiles on people's faces, as a result of using Hairuby is simply precious. We have seen people with really troublesome hairloss problem, happily show off their new grown hair, after usage of Hairuby. Our product simply works and we don't believe there is a match in the market for Hairuby. Because our's is not a cosmetic, but a real genuine siddha medicine with genuine results dating hundreds of years. Utrocare - Utrocare is our sixth product and the only capsule we decided to include in our list of products. If you ask why, we'll say it's another all natural, safe and very effective internal capsule to treat various uterine disorders, menstrual problems, fertility issues and much more. The full list of diseases it treats can be found at the product page. We got tremendous results for Utrocare in our medical practice for various uterine disorders including relief from conditions like uterine fibroids, bulky uterus, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, menorrhagia, irregular menstruation, leucorrhoea and many more. We hope that these medicines are a blessing to you, like the thousands of others than experienced healing by the usage of these products.

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